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Fucking a young girl in the forest (13 September 2016)

It's so cool to fuck in the forest in the middle of summer.  I lay back and she sucks my cock with her sweet lips. Then she rides my dick, and get's doggy style so I can fuck her deep in her cunt. I love to spend all my days in the forest fucking sweet young girls. CF0067

This time she spits the sperm... (12 September 2016)

Ingrid loves to take my cum in her mouth. She usually swallow. But this time we went to the forest and she sucked my cock like a dirty little slut. At the end she spat my cum right there on the dead leaves in the forest. She is very naughty and each time is different. CF0066

Stripping and playing in the forest (11 September 2016)

Ingrid loves to go outdoors, to relax in nature. We went to the forest, and she starts by striping and playing with her pussy. Very nice and relaxing to masturbate in the forest. CF0065

Doggy on the bed (08 July 2016)

Ingid has only a pair of panties and a black leather jacket and she shows her sexy ass doggy style on the bed. CF-Set24

Sexy girl in the mirror (07 July 2016)

Sexy girl Ingrid is dressed only in a pair of panties and a black leather jacket and she poses admiring herself in the mirror CF-Set23

Sexy round ass ready to be fucked (06 July 2016)

Ingrid poses on a couch and bends over showing you her hot ass. Don't you want to fuck that sweet ass ? CF-Set22

Sexy phat ass (04 July 2016)

Sexy girl Ingrid has a phat ass very fuckable. She knows it and she loves to show it. Wouldn't you fuck her sexy phat ass ? CF-SET21

Sucking cock and smoking it before going to school. (13 June 2016)

Sexy Ingrid is late for her college hours. She wants to smoke a cigarette to relax a little before going to college.  But also she loves to suck cock and taste cum. She can't decide what to do first, so she suck cock while she smokes. She then takes cum in face, licks it all, and goes to school happy. CF0064

Smoking and sucking cock (11 June 2016)

She is dressed very sexy with a leather jacket and only panties. She get's on her knees and suck cock very sensual and smoke like a prostitute. She loves to get cumshot in her face and she spreads it with a finger and licks it. CF0063

Fucking on period. (08 June 2016)

I was on period when I shot this clip. My partner said I can only suck his dick in this scene, but he got so horny that he wanted to fuck me, so I went to the toilet, took out my O.B. and then went back to the bedroom, and let him fuck me very hard. Fucking on period is much more horny and the orgasm is much more intense. CF0062